Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Amma and Ammamma

To Anjali mummy is Amma. She usually chases all through the house after me and keeps calling amma, in different tones that reflect her mood. The funny thing was that whhen in the presence of granma, both of us were amma. Actually it is not so funny when you think about it, just natural as granma is the one taking care of Anjali.
But yesterday I noticed something strange and fantastic. It is also natural, but no one really taught Anjali this formally, so I cant help but wonder at her at getting it.
Yesterday, we were at the hospital for granma's ultrasound. Anjali and I had to wait outside the scan room while granma went in. Anjali saw granma go and strarted making frantic attempts to call her "ammamma" "Ammamma", she said, running to the door and banging on it, crying piteously.
I was busy consoling her that it wasnt much later that I realized that she had said ammamma, and not amma. So i began to notice. When I left my mom in the taxi, she also began to cry, this time for me, And she cried "Amma, Amma"
So the kid made a connection, all by herself, that granma is amma's amma and so it became ammamma. We never taught her that. Always Patti. But its cool.
Anjali's naptimes are down to something like 2 hours a day in the day time and about 9 hours at night. By god, i need as much sleep as she does. If it goes on like this, she is going to sit up till 2am playing runescape with her dad.


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