Thursday, April 24, 2008

You are very naughty

So, Since Anjali was small, granma has been playing to her Neethan Mechikolla vendum and wagging her finger at Anjali when the line "seiyum thustathanathukku yellaye illai" comes along. So it was no surprise to us (though extremely amusing) that Anjali picked up on it almost immediately. Couple of days ago, she started wagging her finger to seiyum thustathanathukku.
So we tell her "Anjali, tell mummy she is very naughty" and she would wag her finger at me. "Tell granma" and she would wag her finger at granma. "Tell the fan" and off the finger would wag at the fan.
Very amusing.
Yesterday Anjali broke granpa's alarm clock. Its just significant enough to count as a milestone. The battery case came apart, the glass cover came apart, and the two hands called pulled up.
What was even more funny was that I had given a talk at work and for it they gave me an alarm clock as a souvenir. I came back to show granma the clock and granma says that it will nicely replace the one the gremlin broke.
Another cool thing is that Anjali responds to me in Tamil but when I tell her anything in Tamil with relation to husband, she doesnt respond. I have to say the same thing in English for her to associate it with Daddy. Its funny and I jsut realized it.

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