Wednesday, April 16, 2008

she played a joke!!

When I saw this happening, I was strongly reminded of a similar event nearly three years ago, involving a long car trip in Sri Lanka, a two year old Ammu and Dhana. Ammu kept saying "lockalat" and giving her hand to Dhana, only there was no chocolate in it, and then grinning that she had played a joke on Dhana. It was the kind of event that made a mark in her milestone chart and for many months Dhana was called lockalate aunty.

Last Saturday, on the bus trip, Anjali played a similar joke on the lady sitting next to me on the bus. I was so glad that I was taking a video of Anjali at that moment.

Look at the self satisfied smile on Anjali's face when the joke is complete =)

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  1. This is what is known as "History repeats itself" :)
    - Dhana


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