Monday, April 7, 2008

She leaves me mouth open sometimes

Mummy and Anjali were playing catching in the living room. Anjali ran and Mummy ran behind her. Then Anjali saw the door and tried to open the latch.
It was raining cats aand dogs outside. "Anjali you can go out now, its raining".
Anjali pounded on the front door. BANG BANG BANG
Daddy brought into the living room floor a few pieces of paper and Anjali's color pencils.
"Anjali, darling, come and play with your color pencils"
Mummy went to the kitchen to check on the oven.
Anjali came running into the kitchen, face set, clutching a bunch of color pencils.
Anjali makes a beeline for the dustbin
"Anjali, you should not go near the dustbin, its no no baby"
Anjali dropped the color pencils at the dustbin (not in, as she doesnt know how to open the lid), turned on her heel, walked about five steps, turned back to the dustbin, and said
And went to poung the front door
"I'll take her out", said husband, getting up.
"Just take her till the elevator", I said.
"Yeah, sure", said husband. "I'll take her to the elevator, and she will stay sweetly in the lift lobby watching the pink pigs fly!"
Both of them came back fifteen minutes later, sopping wet.

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