Tuesday, April 8, 2008

posting letters

Another video showing new tricks, this time involving more motor coordination.

Ofcourse, the girl who throws color pencils at the dustbin when she is angry does not require much to be said in terms of motor coordination. she can find her way and aim well enough.

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  1. We have this same toy. Once (I think when she was about 11 months or so)I found that Ananya's bangle was missing from her hand and I searched high and low for it. Almost moved the mattress of the bed to look for it. Then when I was clearing her toys, I happened to open the 'glove compartment' of that toy car and there I found the bangle!!! Now whenever I find some items missing, I look for it in her toy box and other containers or kitchen cabinets! The things they do. I also discovered my deo in the bathroom dustbin with her diapers! Now days Ananya throws her diapers into the bin meant for diapers! Making use of some 'free labour - hahaha' have fun!


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