Monday, April 28, 2008

More Doman

I've changed my Doman tactic. Couple of days ago I came across a website called, a journal of a mom doing Doman stuff with her kid. I learnt a bit from there and got a ffew inspirations. So what followed was phrase and number cards blutacked to the walls for Anjali to read and look at.

This is my work bench, the dining table. It is so messy with glue, blu tack, correction pen, markers etc that its hard to see the marble underneath sometimes

Somehow Anjali has more fun with the numbers than with the sentences. The sentences she just looks at and points. But the numbers go rounds. First we would play hide and seek to find the numbers and then we would take each number and give to Daddy, or give to mummy. Some times we would get a bit too interested in BluTack, but that cant be helped.

I want to take it easy and let her set the pace. But so far I notice a lot of things Anjali does that I can attribute to her reading program, but of course I will never know if that's the real reason.
Firstly, Anjali shows a good bit of interest in writing. Mostly posters, signs advertisements, and she points and gets me to read them to her.
She shows, and has always showed a good bit of interest in numbers, especially as they change in the lift.
Now, she wants to know her colors, does the matching (I have done some color cards with her, names in front, color paints at the back)

She is crazy about her books. Last Friday granma reported that she spent a good 30 mintues flipping through her books and showing the words and pictures to grannma's visitors.
So I want to list out the list of books that we have done so far
1. What is Anjali doing, with photos of her doing stuff like eating, standing, smiling etc
2. Who is Anjali with, with photos of her with patti, thattha, bunica, etc
3. Anjali's book of cats and dogs (by far her favorite)
4. The wonders of the world
5. Anjali's book of birds
6. Anjali's book of shapes and colors
7. Beautiful places in nature
8. Anjali's book of butterflies
9. What is in nature?
10. The story of my day
Half of them are in patti's house and half at ours. And I am making more very fast. Already there are plans in my head and materials at the printer for four more
1. Paintings by MichaelAnjelo
2. Monet's paintings
3. Paintings by Rapheal
4. Flowers around you
5. Anjali's outings
I try to get anywhere between 5 and 12 pictures per book. I am also planning some kind of puzzle book, but am not sure how I will pull it off.
Something cool. I gave a talk to a bunch of students last week at work and needed some nice pictures for my presentation. Since there were so many high quality nature images in Anjali's bits of intelligence folder, I used a few images from her cats and dogs book for the talk.
Now, they took a video of the talk and gave me a copy and we played it at granma's house. Anjali got extremely excited when the pictures of German shepherd and persian cat flashed across. When the screen stopped at cocker spaniel for me to say a few words, she kept pointing at the spaniel and babbling excitedly.
This is Anjali's hunt for the abynissian cat. Now how many kids at one year old know Abynissian cats? I didnt know one till I was 27 and was searching for material for Anjali.

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