Thursday, April 3, 2008

I still remember the thrill it gave me when Anjali took her fast first steps in the library and in a short space of few minutes went from walking two steps towards me to walking several steps in all directions. I think it is one of those moments that a mother will never forget, the steps a baby takes into her arms.According to the books there is no other event that is a major milestone, and to me also, for a period, a lot of things fell a bit flat. After all, what could be more dramatic than Anjali walking for the first time in her life?
A short time ago, husband and I noticed something. anjali was getting bored. Sometimes, she would be so bored that the only way to get her less fussy would be to take her downstairs and out. But taking her downstairs more than a couple of times a day was quite out of the question. Weather, tiredness, our own schedules, all demanded a fair bit of time at home. But why was she so fussy?
Husband once said that Anjali knows everything in the house, and she wasnt to learn new things. How can she know everything in the house so fast? I dont know everything in the house (I could tell you horror stories of my not knowing that food was in a container and opening the container a week later to horrific results)  
But it was true, and the excitement that Anjali displayed to a new spoon yesterday evening bore evidence to the fact. She needs new stuff. but not toys. Toys are repetitive. So the new tactic to enjoying Anjali is to let her explore and line up activities one after the other. Last evening we spent a happy half hour first playing with pori in a bowl and spoon, then playing with a tub of water in the guest room, before going to sleep. See, that was two activities, and half an hour of enjoyment. ofcourse, it meant a bit of cleaning up, but Anjali helps in that. Usually after she finishes with the water play, she dumps the bowl on the floor and then turns aroud and looks for the cloth. Picks the cloth and pulls it a couple of times across the floor in an imitation of how we wipe.
Husband found me sniffing on the couch last evening after Anjali went to bed.
"Are your crying because Anjali is growing too fast?"

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