Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy birthday!

Anjali turns one today. Well, in another 2 hours, she will turn one. I am quite amazed by how fast time flows. One day, three months, six months, and now one year. How time does fly!!
I remember the first dress Anjali visibly grew out of - the romper that dhana gave her when she was born. For Anjali's tenth day celebration, the romper was big and the sleeves came past her hands. Three months later the legs came to her knees.
This morning Anjali came behind me when I was on my way to work, put her arms around my legs, put her head through my legs, squeezed herself through, turned up and grinned at me like some sort of impish gremlin.
Who would have thought that twelve months ago, she lay in a hospital weighing scale as a very proud and excited husband ran back and forth from my bed to the scale, giving me updates of what she was doing.
Who would have thought that less than twelve months ago we were poring over baby books and learning what cradle cap and aphar scores meant?
Who would have believed that this was the girl who smiled less than eleven months ago?
Who would have believed that this was the girl who wanted to move so much that she couldnt wait to crawl at six months and devised the bottom jumping at 4 months (nay, at 2 weeks, should truth be told)
incidentally Anjali bottom jumped for me yesterday. As I was playing with her in the afternoon, I put her on the floor on her back, and then off she went, bottom jumping about four times. She could quite understand why I was so delighted, but decided that since she made em so delighted, she might as well continue. Until granma came and said "Shame Shame, puppiee shame!!" upon which, she promptly flipped on her belly, sat up and went on her fours and stood up, all in a space of some 5.1 microseconds.
Who would have thought one year would fly by so fast and my beautiful baby would be replaced by a cherub?

You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.

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