Monday, April 7, 2008

Anjali never Ceases To Surprise

Yesterday evening we took Anjali out for a walk. It had just stopped raining, and the canal next to our house was full with water. Anjali ran happily towards the canal.
"Apa, Apa", she said.
Then she held the railing and looked at the Apa, periodically waving at the water.
"Why is she waving to the water?", I asked husband.
"Oh, its because it flows away from her, and she says good bye", he replied easily.
"What?", I said!
"When we go out, we take all kinds of leaves from the ground, throw them into the water and watch them float down the river".
So she knows that things in the water float away from her and so the water must float away from her also, and so she waves bye bye to it.
I have a few comments.
Granted Anjali is clever, but isnt that an overstretch? Then I read the post on how she threw her color pencils at the dustbin and realize that maybe not.
Hopefully they dont clog the canal with dried leaves.  

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