Friday, March 7, 2008

Up in the sky

"Anjali, look there!", I said, on our morning walk to granma's house this morning, pointing at three migratory herons flying across a clear blue sky.

Anjali, who was very blase and sitting in my hip studying the pavement and cars on the road sensed excitement in my voice and looked

In the arong direction.

"Not there baby, up, at the sky!"

She looked, saw the herons, pointed at them, and a slow smile spread over her face.


Yes, birds, on the sky


Where have they gone? For the herons had disappeared behind the trees.

"ta ta ta"

Other birds! More birds, small black ones streaking across the sky, much lower than the herons.


pigeons, on the ground, outside the temple

"tha tha"

ok, bye pigeons, I am going to granma's house.

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