Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots of tricks

Three days of leave meant lots of time with Anjali. This was especially important for husband and me because Anjali has changed her schedule yet again. She now goes through her day with about 2 hours of sleep in the afternoon, and that it. Then, in the evening, she gets tied in her sack, slung on my shoulder, and babbles her way back from granma's house as usual. only thing is that by the time we are three wuuarters of the way home, her body gets limp and her hands droop and the girl is cuddled on my shoulder, fast asleep, at 7.45 in the evening.

She wakes up once at 9pm for a quick drink of milk, arches her back and goes back to sleep, often with her hed on the bed and the rest of her body on my lap, until someone (namely husband) picks her off my plap and puts her on bed, from which she doesnt stir till almost 7.30 in the morning.

So we were glad for the three day break, and chose to spend it quietly, with a trip to the pool on friday, lots of forays into the playground, a shor ttrip to the mall, and a trip to the center for IEP.

So what are the new tricks that Anjali came up with.

1. She wants to walk. All over the place. On Friday, she walked from home to the swimming pool, that was about 1 kilometer. And she refused to be picked up, throwing tantrums when we attempted it. It took husband and me about 45 mintues to reach the pool, but no matter. On saturday, husband reported that they walked all the way from home to granma's house. It took them one hour. of course, the fact that she wants to kick all the leaves, step on all the puddled, turn around and step on them again, peep into the drainage holes, jump across the ditches as opposed to walking on the pavement etc, contribtues to the long walking time.

2. She is very fond of water. At the pool, Anjali is a fish. It has been a while since we took her to the swimming pool. Almost a month. We had gone to the camp, then she was ill and the weather was bad. But it was asif we had never braked. And now Anjali can swim with husband just holding her wrist. The thing is that she is not scared and that is what makes all the difference.

3. She can stand up. That trick made me cry. I felt very sad when Anjali started to walk. It was as if my baby was growing all independent and stretching her wings (and hers are very big), but then I consoled myself saying that, well, if she fell down, she has to crawl to me to get up and walk again. Well, now she falls and picks herself up, smooth as ever. Last Monday, she scooted down from stand to pick a toy, picked herself up again and then walked back to give us the toy. When we got excited and hugged her, she put on a very puzzled look in her face, the wasnt even aware that she had stood by herself and what an important milestone it was.

4. All sorts of buttons. The activity center was for 12 months and above, and i told husband so. But husband insisted that at 6 months old, anjali can have fun with it. (Well, he insisted that she could have fun with it at 3 months), well, we bought the toy when Anjali was about 7 months, and she would just flip the book on top a couple of times, turn the whole thing upseide down, bang a couple of times on the belly of the toy and go on her way. Now she has gotten an obsession with the buttons. The first time she pressed a button and it said "star", she had a very self satisfied smile on her face. Now she likes to press the button to on the "tv", to press the button to make the bird chirp, and of course the button to say "star". and all the other buttons too.

(To be fair to husband, one of Anjali's favorite and most used toys is the piano, and that is for 3 years and above)

5. "Anjali, Where is the meow meow cat?" Anjali is sitting on the floor with a bunch of flash cards around her. Immediately she starts to search through the cards. Suddenly she pauses, looks at me and grins with six teeth. And sure enough, there is the cat. "Give me the cat", I say. And she gingerly picks up the cat and hands it over.

6. "Anjali, in the cycle", i begin. "bruuuuu", she finishes. Anjali goes bruuu in the cycle.

7. Yesterday at IEP Anjali began to blow bubbles. All the kids took one look at the baby saliva dripping from the bubbles and said "eeeee". The adults laughed at the cuteness. And then Ashwin piped up "I can do that also!" and he began to blow bubbles too. i think a couple of other kids wanted to start as well before I nipped the idea in the bud.

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