Monday, March 3, 2008

The imp

Anjali is starting to walk all over the place and is taking about 10-15 steps at a time. Sometimes, she doesnot want to be picked up but wants to walk and that is not very convenient because she always wants to go to all the wierd places, like the gents toilet in the mall (no I am not joking).

Well, we took her to the forest yesterday and she got very excited. The wrinkle nose smile camwe on again, after being absent for a very long time. I think Anjali puts on the wrinkle nose smile whhen she is very excited. When she was about six months old, she had it on permanently. That was because she was just starting to interact with the world and everything was new and surprising. So the wrinkle nose smile was there perpetually all the time. Not, she is more all less used to all the things in the city - the cars, trains, alphabet books, water fountains etc make her smile and explore, but nothing has excited her much, since she is so used to everything.

Until she saw the monkeys in the forest. Initially she started to chase after the monkeys. Later, husband and I waled with Anjali behind everyone else (as we took it much slower and let Anjali walk on the forest floor), everytime she saw a monkey, she would point, and (if she was on someone's arms) jump, or else chase, with the wrinkle nose smile on for the whole duration of the monkey sighting.

And then she kept pointing and umming at all the leaves and wanted to touch them. At the brunch, she was quite intrigues by Rajah uncle's garden, with its swings and balls on the lawn. What struck her the most was, however, the fish tank. The wrinkle nose smile came on again and she kept following the fish with her fingers.

Husband now wants to eventually get a fish tank. i guess it is a good idea, since fish are relatively easier to maintain than dogs (husband wants to get dogs also. says that we look after the kids and the kids look after the dogs :P) . But I am still scared of fish dying, cant forget what happened last time granma kept fish, and we had to compose eulogies once in a while.

As Rajah uncle's son - in law put it, his kids went for a fishing party, and came back with a bag of fish. They had to get a fish tank, but by that time, the original group of fish were dead and gone, and a new group of fish had to be bought to go in the tank.

Well, let's give Anjali more time.

Anjali also discovered the joy of eating rice crispies (Lakshmi had them, and Anjali took one too) - organic baby finger food. However, i must say I was surprised at how fast the biscuit went in. Ofcourse, we are talking about the girl who chipes away sportively at my cookies (the rock hard ones) for minutes at a stretch and uses them (only when she is bored) to try to break one of her toys. Yesterday she dropped it on the ground and husband actually went and checked if the ground had a crack.

Two days ago, we put on a very pretty frock on Anjali, a green one that is a mite too long. That made her look less like a baby and more like a lady, and Adi and I were very scared out by how fast she was growiing. She looked so ladylike when she stood up/

But then she threw water all over the front of the dress and we had to change her into one of her usual t-shirts and all was well again.

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