Monday, March 24, 2008

How we got told off and chased out from the library

It all began when Anjali wanted to walk in the library. We took her to Bukit Batok, since it was late and Jurong was far. No one bother us at Jurong, because the children have their own section and its a huge floor. Often we spend whoel evenings there, armed with a bottle of milk and a snack for Anjali, let her roam the corridors, knock books off the shelves etc.

But the Bukit Batok library is small. And they are quite strict with quietness there. So when Anjali started to walk through the library and make dada dada noises, the straight faced librarian marched up to her and said "Sushh", staring down at her. Well, Anjali stared right back for a few seconds and then sauntered to me.

Then, she went to the shelves and started pulling the books off, whereupon, we decided to take her to the children's section, where they were a (precious) little more relaxed about quietness.

To give her credit, it was fine, and we spent a goood half an hour there, picking books, walking around, charming the other children and parents, until Anjali wanted to walk.

Right out of the children's section

Right across the corridor

And right out of the library

There were unborrowed books to be borrowed and we couldnt very well walk out with her. So we picked her up.

And what did she do? You have three choices.

Well, that wasnt very difficult was it? What would a self respecting eleven and a half month old who wants to walk do when she is picked up against her will to go in the opposite direction to the one she wants to go?

"waaaa" "waaa"

That was when the straight faced librarian marched up to us and said "if you cant stop the baby from crying you will have to leave the library." And he breathed down our necks until we picked our bags and ran out of the library.

Well, that was exaggerating it a bit. husband and Anjali ran out of the library, while I stayed back to borrow the books, but it all boils down to the same thing.

Honestly, who ever heard of "stopping the baby from crying?", as if such a thing exists?

Incidentally, the kids at IEP found it very amusing when I told them this story. Jegan kept asking, "Really?"

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