Friday, March 7, 2008

The discoveries of parenthood

Every since we encountered the Scholastic early reading scheme, we have been trying to introduce Anjali to the world of books. It is not an exact hardship for us. Both husband and I read a lot of books and granma can tell long stories of how I used to bury my nose into a book and never look up till she called me ten times.

And I can tell long stories of how husband buries his nose in a book and refuses to do anything else until the chapter is finished (whole mahabharata wars have been fought over the subject but that is another story...)

So we began with 365 fairy stories, 366 nursery rhymes, stories for children from the bible and such stuff. A little story a day, we told ourself, just before bed time. But it wasnt unheard of for me to sit on the floor plop Anjali in front of me and read from a book to her while she played and blabbed. And most of the time, bed time for Anjali has a "roll on" prefix to the key word. So most of husband's bed time readings were when Anjali was either playing full steam, or when she was cuddled up and almost asleep. I suppose that the neuronal circuits are still active when she sleeps, and knowledge does get transferred, but still, it wasnt how we had imagined it, with baby in the lap, turning the pages as we read to her. (i guess 11 months is too early though.)

Well, all this changed a few weeks ago when granpa returned from India bringing back a rhhymes book. Granma taught Anjali Hickory Dickory dock and Baa Baa Black Sheep and Mary had a lamb. i taught her humpty dumpty, and hey diddle and jack and Jill. And now the rhymes book has become one of Anjali's favorite toys (and has sustained numerous wear and tear, sellotaped to such a great extent by granma). Once in a while, Anjali would toddle over to the rhymes book, open a page, point and say "oom". And we would have to sing a song to her. not just any song, but the rhyme that she pointed to. Try to sing a different song, and she would point again and say "OOOOOM". Her favorite is baa baa black sheep, with hickory dickory coming a close second.

On one of our forays to the library, husband and I discovered Dr Seuss. it has now become a household favorite. husband and I like to say

Walk Walk
We Like to Walk
Talk Talk
We Like to Talk
Hop Pop
We like to hop
we like to hop
on top of pop
Stop you must not hop on pop
and burst into laughter.

And then we would go
thing thing
what is that thing
thing sing
that thing can sing
Song long
a long long song
goodbye thing you sing too long.

And another peal of laughter would follow.

The discovery of Dr Seuss has had us more excited than other, apparently more important things. interesting how parenthood realligns your priorities.

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