Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anjali at IEP camp

I wrote my reflections on IEP camp and put them up at the IEP blog site. It is hard to describe everything that Anjlai did at camp. needless to say, she had fun, was refreshed, exhausted, and energized all at once by the fresh air and the flurry of activity.

For us, it was more relaxing than the first camp we took with Anjali, as the taking care of her, as well as the logistics for food and other matters were shared by about 20 other people. What other thing contributed to the fact was that Anjali no longer wanted to walk, dragging you behind her. No sirree, she was perfectly happy to toddle on by herself.

A small damper was that granma forgot to bring Anjali's shoes, and as a result, we had to watch carefully where she tread (for the inter tidal zone was full of seashells and jelly fish that would hurt little feet), but that did not stop her, or her father, from venturing into the depths of the blue waters and coming out every few hours with clothes sopping wet (for the father at least), the girl ventured into the sea wearing pampers once and nothing subsequently :P

However, the sea was not the only thing that amused the little bag of tricks. Along with the sea, there was the added benefit of dancing to granma's song,

riding a bicycle in the park, playing in the playground with the shaky bridge, socializing with 20 odd people who were vying for her attention,

and walking on the grass and the sand. Many other things were also delightful, like making us explain everything she pointed to, and the beach had ever so many new things to point to, like threatening to eat seashells whose beauty i wanted to illustrate to her, crying when daddy refused to take her into the sea after she had been freshly showered and changed...

and ofcourse, the general attractiveness of acting cute...

P.S. There were several more photos of Anjali taken by a number of her fans, who have yet to send them to me. Keep on the lookout, for I will be adding them in here

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