Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Zeus, Athena and Anjali

Anjali was not very interested in the 2000 years (the number of zeros is correct) old statues in the museum when we took her there. Husband and I were gawking over the beauty of the marble, but Anjali was not so impressed. Firstly we wouldnt let her down. Either husband, or I, had to carry her, and she wanted to walk.

For the record, Anjali hardly crawls these days. If you sit down on the floor, she sits with you and plays on the floor for two point one minutes and then holds some accessory of yours, shirt, hair, earring, fingernail, and pulls herself up to stand, shifts her grip to your forearm and pushes forward. I think that she thinks that the arms is a push chair.

or something like that. Then you would get up, and she would hold one arm and walk while holding her hand out for the other arm, or finger or nail, or something. And then the bull dozer would be off, kicking everything from balls to blocks to dry leaves to rattles and pretending that they are footballs.

anyway, back to the museum. The little imp wanted to walk. So we let her walk. At least husband let her walk, all around the superbly valuable statues of this, that, or the other greek god.

And then the little imp wanted to climb. All the way up the platform. We had to draw a line there. I am all for babies exploring, but we could get into big trouble if we knock a 2000 year statue down. Not to mention the fact that the Singapore government would have a lot of trouble answering to the Louvre people and Dan Brown will write his next book on how cults were involved in making babies and training them to break greek statues as part of the larger movement of discrediting the church and bringing back paganism into the way of living.

Now, maybe I should have let her knock a couple of statues down, that would have caused a lot of publicity and made Anjali world famous.

Anjali, when you are world famous 20 years from now, I hope that you will not get mad at me because I caused you to work hard all these years by refusing you the chance of instant fame. Hard work is the best and the most lastiing way to rise to fame, my dear girl.

Well, so she began to sulk, and refused to pose for photos
And when daddy tricked her into turning for the camera, she gave him such a glare that it would have scorched the camera, had it been a little stronger.


  1. hi......
    it's a nice blog..
    which place is this??

    swetha and bharath

  2. Its at the Singapore national museum, they had an exhibition of greek statues from the louvre. Swetha, whats your email address?


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