Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Anjali did

I remember reading a story when I was a kid called What Katy did. It was about a very naughty girl and how she grew up. I think it was part of a set of stories for little girls, including Little women, Black Beauty and Heidi. Husband told me later that he watched the movies of all the books, but didnt bother to read any of them, as he knew they would be too girly wurly.

Ok, now I am starting to write like lemony snickett. So back to the subject. What Anjali did. Well, yesterday she got a new trick. She walks, turns and walks back. This is a new trick and its pretty exciting for us, cos it means that she can soon walk around corners. She is very open about walking in granma's house, probably because she knows the territory, or perhaps because granma's house is so much smaller so she can go between furnitures faster. Yesterday, she walked all the way from the fountain to the living room window, and thats definitely an acheivement. i wanted to get a video, but found out, to my charign, that my camera was out of battery. Well, I recharged the batteries, so maybe I can get a video today.

The umm game continues. When Anjali points to something and says umm, it can mean several things depending on the situation. It takes a lot of context aware systems intelligence to decode what she wants, but we can just about make out what she wants. If it is just a random object she is pointing at, she wants to know what it is. If it is the numbers in the lift, she wants you to tell them to her. if it is a person, she wants them to come near her, before she can do further processing. Further processing in this case will be a choice between going to that person (if said person is granma, mummy, or daddy) or hugging back who ever is holding her (usually granma, mummy or daddy) if said person is granpa or anyone else. If said person tries to pick her up, the crocodile in her comes out.

Well, yesterday, granma had a visitor in her house and had prepared a veritable feast - rasam, sambhar with small onions, idli etc. She asked husband to come for dinner, but since I had prepared a lot of (as husband calls it) good food for him to eat during the week and left them in the fridge, he prefered to go directly home from work.

As granma felt that husband was such a poor thing to eat refrigerated food (granma does not think that the stuff I cook could be classified as meals) she packed some idlis and sambhar for husband. so when I got home, I put the idlis and sambhar on a plate and put it on the coffee table so that husband could eat it when playing with Anjali, who was busily playing with cds and walking along the tv cabinet.

Well, you can guess what happened next. The bag of tricks pounced on the idlis, tore one apart, put the (significantly large) piece of idli on the coffee table and started to eat it from the table. To her the table was a plate. For after she had finished with the first piece of idli, she repeated the plate, table mouth sequence again with the next piece.

For the record, when I say, she had finished with a piece of idli, i dont mean that she had finished eating the piece of idli. i mean that she had finished eating, squishing, rubbing and throwing the piece of idli. I approximate somewhing between 50 to 70 percent of it went into her mouth while the rest landed somewhere around the place. I was torn between amusement (a mad desire to laugh) and the guilty feeling that I ought to be somewhat annoyed at all the idlis going on the floor. Aside from food being wasted (and that too, food especially given to husband so, otherwise has to eat stuff from the fridge), I have idli crumbs all over the floor. The day before it was cookie and bread crumbs. Soon, I will have to buy a broom extension to one hand and a dustpan extension to the other.

"You are enjoying this, arent you?" I told husband, half accusingly.

He nodded, his eyes dancing with mirth.

"You do realize that the ants will be upon the crumbs in no time" I continued.

Anjali, in the meantime, had given up squeezing her idli and started walking along the sofa, tapping her (idli covered) hands on the upholstery.

it is hard not to laugh.

"Finish your idlis fast, then she cant play with them", I told husband

"Relax", he said. "I agree with what you said about your morning walk. I had forgotten some of the simple joys in life."

I smiled. Aha, a compliment. And then he continued...

"Like how much fun it is to play with my food"

oh oh.

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