Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Very Very cute baby halter top: My first crochet baby dress pattern

I made the crochet pattern very intuitively, so it is extremely easy to resize. I am sure even an adventurous adult would be able to make it for herself, though if Anjali were older and wanted to make one to wear for herself, I am not sure if husband or granpa would allow it.

Anyway, here's the pattern. Its worked in some novelty yarn that bunica brought from Romania, but I am sure any other yarn could be used for varying effects.

Front middle:

Chain until the row measures the same as the side to side under arm measurement.

Row 1: Chain 3, turn, dc in 2nd chain from hook, dc all the way till the end, chain 3 turn

Rows 2 to x (x being whatever required to get to just under the breasts): dc in each dc of previous row, chain 3, turn.

Front and back, bottom:
This part is worked in rounds.

First join yarn to the last dc of row x. chain along the back of the front middle, until the chain length measures roughly the same as the length of the top (i.e, same number as starting chain). Join with slp st in first dc in row x.

Row x +1 : This part is worked in rounds. *Chain 5, skp 5 dc/ch sc in next dc/ch* rep from * to * around. slst in last stitch

Rows x+2 to y(y being 2 cm short of the final length of the top): chain 3,* sc in 3rd chain (in the middle of chain 5 of prev row) , chain 5, rep from *to* round. slst to join

Row y+1. This is the bottom edging: slst until sc, ch 3, 4 dc in sc, 5dc in in each sc of prev row. join with slst, weave in ends.

Front top:

Section A
Row 1: join yarn to foundation chain of front middle work. dc until middle of foundation chain
rows 2 onwards: decrease, dc until 2 dc from end, decrease, ch 3, turn. repeat until the measurement is the underarm to shoulder width of the model.

repeat section A for the other half of the foundation chain.

halter strings (make 2)
Chain until size of halter string.cs or dc on chain (according to your width requirements). attach each string to each section of front top.

Back top
if necessary crochet dcs over the chains in the back until the back height is sufficient. I made about 6 rows.

P.S. This was originally called sexy baby halter top, as everyone who saw Anjali said that it looked very cute, but one of my readers emailed saying that sexy and baby dont go too well together. Wonder waht damomma would think of that. So changed the name to very very cute. *sigh*.


  1. that is just too cute! and what a sweetie she is :) Nice work!

  2. she's cute yes..but the directions a bit too much....hehe....cannot get anything of tt into mua head..oh btw anjali...this is ur god mama's first post!

  3. anjali's cute yes....but the directions are too confusing...nth gets in my head....btw anjali this is ur god mama's first post!
    muakz to u!

  4. Lajawab!!Thats a very nice dress for babies. I think thats going to suit for the Indian climate too.I think I will try that though I am yet to have a baby.;-)


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