Wednesday, February 6, 2008

See how articulate we are!!

If life were full of fridges that blow cold air at us, we would be even more articulate than we are now. Of course, the yogurt that we stole from daddy's cup increased the spirit of adventure.

Lately a lot of things we do increases our spirit of adventure. It is so exciting to pull credit cards out of daddy's wallet, and how exciting it was to see daddy's face when he found his ez link card buried under the blanket at the foot of the bed, when he had put it in the living room!! It would have been more fun if he had not noticed it until when he was in the bus in the morning! That would have been cool!!!!

Now mummy and daddy are going to take me camping, in a tent!! See the tent, its so cool and almost as tall as daddy. I got a bit scared when daddy took me in it this morning, but thats cos I was sleepy and cos mummy was not there with me. I never get scared when mummy's there.

Yesterday, mummy was making jam in the cooker and when the whistle came on, she picked me up and hugged me, and I didnt cry. Not even when daddy took me to the living room later. I am growing more and more brave!!

Incidentally, on the chair is the new poncho that mummy made for me. Its a modified version of the coming home poncho. Mummy wanted to, two years ago, make it for herself, but didnt get the motivation to. I guess the motivation is stronger when she crochets for me cos she love me soooo much!!!

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