Monday, February 11, 2008

My first ever camp! In pictures

When mummy and daddy told granpa that they are going camping granpa said, be careful with Anjali, you say she can crawl from the bed to the bathroom. She may crawl out of the tent.

Mummy said, there is a zipper in the tent.

Granpa said, someone might open the zipper and steal the baby.

granpa is a bit paranoid. And honestly, he thinks that he carried me in his tummy for nine months and went through three hours of labor!

Anyway, I enjoyed my first ever camp. It was two days and one night!

And we stayed all the time in a tent, near the beach!

Here are the pictures

This is daddy with a big, heavy bag, and the tent, all rolled up in the back, along with some yoga matsThis is daddy standing with the big bag and the stroller. To show that mummy as carrying me all the while and the big heavy bag went into the stroller.
This is our tent. And all our supplies in it
Another angle, with the plethora of tents on the beach
Me walking on the grass. In shoes. For the record, I never crawled outside the tent. i always walked. Either holding on to mummy, or holding on to daddy, or holding on to both!

How proud I am that I can walk so much. See, i am so proud that my tummy is sticking out. I meant to stick out my chest, but tummy stick out looks cute too!!
I am not scared of dogs. Infact, i have touched dogs in the playground.
This is me, running to the beach!

Back in the tent. Isnt the scenery good?

Inside's not bad either. I like looking at mummy and daddy. They make funny faces at me and say goo and gaa and ada and aga.
I am especially fascinated by daddy's teeth.
Yup. I plan to be a dentist when i grow up
Let's take a short break
And go back to digging dad's teeth!
Then mummy and daddy closed the tent and I tried to get outside.
But I didnt go too far. Thats the nice thing about me, I only do mischief if mummy, or daddy or granma or someone I know is with me. Otherwise, I dont venture too far. I call them though, and throw tantrums, until they come with me.
Back to the beach and this time for a bath

Took a shower, came back, exhausted, drank milk and slept.
Not for long. I am up for action
And off walking
In my life, there are no obstacles, there are only stepping stones.
Be they cement pathways, or earthquake hills
Be they going up, or going down
Games galore:
Walking the shaky bridge
Beating drums Spinning on a roundabout: That was very adventurous
A slippery slide
And my favorite: The earthquake shaky bridge! Daddy was getting dizzy by the way the bridge shook. But did that deter me? No. I even went back for seconds. And thirds. And forths. And fifths.

Went to bed, exahusted, slept for ten hours, got up and seven, took one look at the night sky, pounded mummy on the belly to wake her up and started bugging daddy to take me out.
Is there anything better than a walk by the sea early in the morning?
Or a cuddle with mummy by the sea?
Under some coconut trees?
Or a brisk walk with daddy?

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