Friday, February 29, 2008

mum mum mum


Granma has been, to occupy Anjali, taking out photos in batches - silly photos showing nothing in particular, backs of people, animals in forests/ zoos etc.

She was showing Anjali one such picture, rather similar to the one here, of an elephant being fed milk in a bottle at Pinnewala elephant sanctuary, how the elephant is drinking nga (milk)

The said photo, along with some others were stacked on the sofa. Anjali sorted through (playing) with them, when she came across the elephant drinking milk photo. She picks it up and says

mum mum mum

(In Anjali's language, mum mum mum means food, its what she says when she wants to eat or drink from our plates, or when she gets excited while her food is being prepared)

I got totally excited when I heard this story and called husband immediately. He had a good laugh. i told one of my colleagues and he says that her IQ is off the rocket.


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