Friday, February 22, 2008

a morning walk

I always enjoy my morning walks from our home to granma's place. I think Anjali enjoys them too. At around 7.45, I tie Anjali up in a wrap, kiss daddy goodbye and get into the lift.

The number game begins. Anjali wants to know what all the changing numbers in the lift are. So we go, 18, 17, 16, 15.... If I stop for more than a secon, she would point and say "hmm". And then we would begin again "10, 9, 8".

Out of the lift and at the traffic junction, Anjali wants to press the button for the green light. I hav explained to her that red means stop, green means walk and flashing green means donot start to cross. And She understands, for mostly when the light changes, she gives a little jump in the carrier.

On the road, there is a drainage of water down a small hill. We stop for a minute to watch the water flow into the drain. Sometimes, I am in a hurry and turn after a couple of seconds, whereupon Anjali twists and watches the water for while.

A few bicycles pass us and she almost always twists around to see where they go, and occassionally she is interested by people walking, when she points and asks me to explain.

There is a patch of grass outside a chinese temple on the road, which has a handful of pigeons sitting on it pecking. Anjali is fascinated by the pigeons. the minute she sees them, she starts blabbing, and smiling, and jumping. We have a grand time watching the pigeons fly back and forth.

Then across the road where we can see the train track. During the stretch of road, two trains pass us, maybe three, and it is such fun to make "eeeeee" and look at the train track when we hear the noise of the approaching train. And then we pass a fence behind which there are a row of banana trees and we have a grand old time pulling the leaves and letting them bounce back. We even broke a couple of leaves off the tree, but we dont talk about that.

Then there are the stairs that lead up to granma's block, and once Anjali sees them, she gives yet another jump in her carrier. Into the lift and counting the numbers, we exit the lift and into granma's apartment.

What I love most about it is how the walks make me step back and enjoy the small beauties in life. Like this morning, when we were watching pigeons, I noticed two pigeons, one chasing another through jump, peck and flight, like a courtship scene, which it probably was. And the funny thing is that had it not been for Anjali I would not have spotted it. In fact, had it not been the fact that I was babywearing Anjali, I would not have enjoyed it as much.

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  1. Yes, it is wonderful, isn't it - to see the world through the eyes of a baby. The things that you would generally never notice. Even small things like squirrels scurrying, children playing, the cars zooming past you - it is indeed lovely. I love to see Ananya delight in such small things in and out of the house. Gives life a new meaning!


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