Friday, February 29, 2008

Giving the video camera to granma

Its been a while since I posted videos/ photos over here. There's actually a very good reason for this. I hardly have any time to get videos of Anjali these days.

The little imp has changed her routine yet again. I suppose it is because she exercises so much more these days that she get more tired, but her bed time has shifted to around 9.15pm. Infact a couple of days ago, much to daddy's disappointment, she went to sleep at 8.45pm.

So the evening routine passes of like a blur to me, go to granma's home, have dinner, wait for Anjali to finish dinner, wear Anjali. by which time its 7.45 and granpa comes home. So Anjali has to go out of the carrier for a couple of minutes and it is almost eight by the time we leave granma's house.

Now, I have given granma a solemn promise not to walk in the dark, so even though it is only a fifteen minute walk, we spend fifteen minutes waiting for the bus, another five minutes walking to the bus stop and all in all, it ends up being 8.30pm by the time we reach home.

Daddy plays with Anjali for a few minutes, while I clear up some things and wash Anjali up, by which she is aleady showing starting signs of unmistakable sleepiness - eye rubbing, a need to hold my skirt, a call for picking up, a special frequency of cry etc. So there is no choice but to put her to bed where she goes to sleep pronto.

Husband gets all of 15 minutes to play with her.

Where do I get time to take videos? I get about half an hour in granma's house, playing and watching Anjali eat, before leaving. So it is not so bad. yet, something tells me that I am missing out on a lot of tricks, or atleast at documenting them.

Like yesterday Anjali came up with something new, and clapped when we said "Anjali, show us how you clap". We got very excited and kept asking her to clap, and the little bag of tricks got bored and/ or annoyed and stopped doing the clap on command by the time daddy came home.

So I decided to give granma the video camera and taught her this morning to use it.

Ten minutes ago, when I called to check on Anjali, granma tells me that she has taken several videos. But she added a warning

"I have taken something, but dont have high expectations, they may just be videos of her bottom!"


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