Monday, February 25, 2008


I succeeded in passing a whole weekend without taking a single photo or video of Anjali. What an acheivement!

I guess Anjali learning to walk was such a huge milestone that everything else seems small compared to this. But ofcourse, that does not mean that all the things that she does are small, everyday is still an exploration and her ability to put one foot in front of the other with the speed of a rocket has increased the explotation ability rather exponentially.

Now Anjali walks along the legth of the kitchen counter, using her hands to hold on, ofcourse, but, just for a support, not for balance. Similarly, when walking with us, she uses the hand for confidence, and uses it to toddle at twice the speed that she would, were it not for the hand.

When she is proud of herself, she sticks her chest out and walks, and that makes it all the more cuter. Granma calls her the bharathiyar pudumai penn (nimirnda nadayum nerkonda paarvayum)

But the explorations dont stop there. Here are some of the new tricks.

I reported some time ago on how Anjali likes to take apart her father's wallet. The bag of tricks has improved on her burglarizing skills. Now, she goes to the table where daddy keeps his wallet. She stands on tip toe, so that her eyes can go above the top of the table, opens the wallet, takes out the credit card, closes the wallet, and then runs away with the credit card.

No, I am not joking. She did it once, with husband as the witness, and then she did it again when granma and granpa came for lunch. So there are any number of witnesses to the naughtiness.

In another aspect of exploration, she wants to know exactly what each part of her body can do. And what each part of oher people's bodies can do. Some of her favorite games are banging her head against stuff (bed headboard, pillow etc) with such frequency that it makes husband's head hurt banging on mummy's tummy, putting her fingers into people's mouths etc.

Two days ago, the bag of tricks was sitting down in front of me and playing and suddenly she decided to see if her head could touch the ground. Down, down went her head, until


waaaa .... waaaa....

"No Anjali", I said."you cant cry if you hit your head purposely on the floor"

Nevertheless, the thud was an audible one.

Another aspect of exploration is objects. At a fountain shop, husband (the perpetrator of mischief) showed Anjali how putting the hand in the fountain bowl can make a jolly splash. This girl catches things like quicksilver. So she put her hands in the bowl and made splash, splash splash, until there was no more water in the bowl.

The shop assistant came over with a replacement bowl of water and politely chased husband and daughter out.

When Anjali explores objects, however, she only explores them when she can run back to us in less than half a second. And she is semi scared of Sylvester, doggy and a couple of other big toys, she plays with them, but only when we are near her.

Anjali bangs on the tv at granma's house, granma usually lets her, but when it gets too much, granma puts the doggy toy in front of the tv, and Anjali doesnt go near the tv. Wonder why this is so.

Yet another aspect of exploration is the vocal exploration. There are a plethora of sounds coming from the little mouth. eeeee, for train, amma, appa, abba, attha, anna, agga, a lot of bababa, brrru, and trrrs, and at some times, a very musical high pitch note. Should post a recording of this.

All in all, Anjali is having a lot of fun exploring what is around her, in holding a hand and walking.

Two days ago, she was enjoying walking that when she fell on the pavement she didnt even cry, but went on walking. It was not until much later that husband and I found two nasty looking little bruises on her knees.

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