Friday, February 15, 2008

Entering into toddler hood

A few weeks ago I borrowed a book about toddlers. And the question I asked myself was - is Anjali an infant, or a toddler?

Well, she is definitely not an infant. If infants are small and wrapped in bundles, Anjali outgrew infancy seven months ago. In Infants stay put in one place, she outgrew infancy six months ago when she started bottom jumping. But she was not yet a toddler. Toddlers toddled and played with paints and made cherubic faces.

According to the book that I borrowed "The everything toddler book" toddlers become toddlers when they take their first toddling steps. And I guess, as of last Saturday, Anjali can be classified as a toddler.

She took four steps towards me, I said to everyone last Saturday when we came back from the museum. No one really believed me, except husband, and thats cos he was there. No one believed me when I said that Anjali said maa to me when she was five days old. Of course, I was still half sleepy from the exhaustion of childbirth, but I know what I heard.

All through last week, she walked one or two steps, but it was not until we went to the library on Saturday that she really started walking.

I am glad that husband packed the camera.

Of course, she still likes to walk around to people in the library, ttry to natch handphones and calculators and such.

But she always returns things back

And takes something else, like a pen.

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  1. But she never returned my bangle!!! LOL - Dhana


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