Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The big trick bag

Monday Morning:

Anjali dada dada's all the way to granma's house in the stroller. Pushes me out of her way to reach granma before I can unbuckle her belt. Spends all the time with granma until I leave for work, at which point she started to play the "I am not going to granma" game. Basically, she sits on my hip, granma says "come", Anjali shakes her head and burrows into my shoulder kicking her legs vigourously. When the lift comes she goes back to granma and taps the lfit window to say bye.

But on Monday morning, she cried a bit as the lift door closed. Granpa said "open the door", but too late, the lift was already moving.

Tuesday morning:

Anjali changed her tactics a bit. Went to granma's house, played a bit with me, a bit with granma, sat on my hip when the time came for me to leave and refused to get down. granma had to tear her away from me. And I left her crying.

Wednesday morning:

Granma and granpa had worked out a new strategy. Granma would take her keys and come downstairs, take Anjali and spend some time downstairs with her in the playground. Managed to distract Anjali from crying by letting her look at a dog.

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