Thursday, January 31, 2008

What have I done?

Well, it all began when bunica and tata Sile left for Romania. It boiled down to one of us leaving Anjali in the morning with granma and picking her back in the evening. Pretty much all of Anjali's essentials were replicated - moisturizing cream, nappies, diapers, clothes, toys divided into half...

We ran into a problem with the potty. The solution was to buy a second potty for granma's house, and husband and I went on a quick trip to find the same one as the pink potty. However, they were out of stock, and we found instead a blue one shaped like a car. One potty is the same as another, we thought, and bought the blue one.

The blue one, however, was too big for Anjali. She wasnt comfortable with sitting in it. We didnt want to force her. So granma started the habit of getting Anjali to pee in the bathroom sink. That was comfortable and it was no hassle.

But the problem was that, when Anjali came back home, she refused to sit in the pink potty - the successful pink one that she had liked so much before. She began to arch her back every time we went near it. So what did I do?

I took her to the bathroom sink. And that, she was comfortable with, no problems. Stand on sink, pee, wash, wipe with towel (she likes that part best).

Husband is not amused.

"You know, I brush my teeth in that sink." he said. "And sometimes in the mornings, when i am befuddled with sleep, I drop my toothbrush into the sink and pick it up and brush my teeth with it."

The man has some peculiar ideas about hygine. Yesterday i caught him giving a soup spoon to Anjali to play with, after he had eaten sambar from it.

"Its full of spice" I said.

"Well, Its pretty much clean"

"Even worse, its full of mouth bacteria"

"Well, if you put it that way..." and he took the spoon away

He may have some wierd motions about hygine, but he is amenable, thank heavens!

Well, so am I. I let Anjali to pee in the sink this morning, but remembered to pour some dettol into it.

I respect husband's toothbrush and befuddlement states.

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