Monday, January 21, 2008

tantrums galore

Yesterday evening, at IMM mall, a little fist covered in spit (as in baby saliva) smacked against a (very) clean glass door of a (very) expensive display cabinet in a (very) fancy furniture shop.
before any of us had time to react, the little fist opened up into a little palm and tried to use saliva as glass polish to make that (very) clean glass door even cleaner.
We knocked the fist off and a little face screwed up and a little mouth opened into a not so little tantrum.
Waa waa waa .
We rushed out of the shop mumbling a hurried apology to the assistant, leaving a not so little stain of baby saliva on the glass door.
I am sure he can use some glass cleaner to clean it up very nicely
A while later, at the baby stuff shop, we saw a very nice sling wrapped baby. Husband and I are always looking for new babywearing instructions, and this baby was particularly well wrapped, so we decided to enquire (the baby was too small and the instructions didnt apply to kids as big as the bag of tricks we have at home...)
As we were talking, the lady was nice enough to take the baby out of her sling and show us how to wear her. A tiny two month old peeked out of the sling - with tiny feet and tiny hands. Our bag of tricks decided that her hands are cuter and she started to tap tap at the baby (she tap taps at all the babies smaller than she is) When we took the hands away...
Waaaaaaa Waaaaaa
A while later, husband and I were checking out slings (we are still looking for a babywearing method to wear Anjali when she sleeps. The current techniques are good but not for sleeping). Suddenly a little hand comes out from nowhere and grabs the instruction manual, scrunches it up and chews it.
A little slow to react, we pulled it out of her hand, and then
Waaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
The cute part is that all these are crocodile tears. Infact, they are so fake that she can stop them on demand and most of the waas are just waas.. no tears, no genuine effort.
Husband's tactics at this stage is to just ignore her and distract her by doing something else. I agree with him.

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