Friday, January 18, 2008

A perfect evening

Yesterday evening was perfect. I had had dinner almost ready and husband had doen most of the housework before I brought Tutu home from granma's. So all that was left to do was to feed, play and enjoy Anjali in the evening.

And enjoy we did.

I spent a very nice half an hour building towers for Anjali to knock over. we have a lot of stackin toys, wooden rings, cubes, buckets, miscellaneous shapes, balls. And it is as much fun for me to stack them as it is for Anjali to knck the stack over. And Husband and I come with interesting shapes to knock (its like playing Uno stacko). We stack as fastly and as creatively as we can and try to get the best possible shape. Husband makes alphabets, t's and o's, while I make really taaaaalllll towers, that lean in all sorts of directions.

In the meantime, the tutu knocks a tower, grabs a block, a ball or whatever, and plays with it. When she gets bored, she knocks another tower. Its a cute game.

As an accompaniment to the game, husband put on the audio book of a briefer history of time by stephen hawkins. I think we listened to a whole chapter on why the earth was round before we stopped. (Not because the book was not interesting, but because Anjali started to get bored with the tower)

Then it was time to wash up, so off we went to the bedroom. There the washing bowl got upsetted on the floor mat, and we (Tutu and I) had lots of fun with the spilled water. She would bang the water and it would splash and she would bang it again. She has so much fun with the water that I am thinking of making it a regular feature int he nightime routine - should be careful with the bed though.

Then it was story time and in she went to bed.

The perfect evening.

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  1. yup, I know that feeling - the perfect day feeling - when all things get done on time, when ananya sleeps on time, ahhh! amazing day!


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