Monday, January 21, 2008

o husband, what big trouble you are in...

Anjali has a big crescent shaped bruise just under her left eyebrow. here's the story of how it came about.
Husband was exploring merchandise in a baby swimming shop and wanted Anjali to try on a swim vest.
Anjali didnt want.
Husband wanted.
Husband sat down and tried to put the dress on the jumparoo.
And the jumparoo did what jumparoos are bound to do in such situations.
it jumped.
The girl, I mean, not the suit.
She jumped from husband's arms and hit the shelf
Husband caught her.
She was terrified of trying on the swim vest. She said, I dont want a vest to swim, I dont need it. I swim like a fish already.
And she did exactly as a fish would do when out of water.
She jumped again (I know that it seems a long time, but actually the time between the first and second jump was about zero point two milliseconds)
Husband caught her
but by then she had hit her head against a shelf. Ouch!
The poor thing was shocked. Fish seem to flop up and down without hurting too much.
Maybe dearie, but you are not a fish. you might just need that swimming vest.
Husband was terrified now. he rushed her to a toyshop opposite and dunked her in front of a large toy (the ELC sand and water player). She played, all the while saying sniff sniff.
The sniff sniff was heartbreaking, so husband went into the shop and brought out a set of baby windchimes for Anjali to amuse herself with. It worked. She stopped crying. She even smiled
Until she took one of the chimes and put it in too deep into her mouth. Then the waaaa began all over again.
Later husband explained the reason behind putting Anjali in front of the sand and water table
"She stood up, her legs were alright. She held the table, that means her hands are alright, she reached for the toys in the tub, that means her eyes are alright..."
The bruise went pink by the end of the day and is hardly visible now. Infact, some of the scratches she gives herself with her nails are more serious than the one she had, but it did terrify the living daylights out of both of us when she fell.

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