Monday, January 14, 2008

My most embarassing mummy moment

This one tops the "leaving diaper in the rugsack for three days" entry.

Early sunday morning Anjali was wiggling around more than usual. Me, sleeping next to her, tried to cuddle her and noticed her back was wet. Touching the bed, it looked asif the bed was wet too.

"Diaper leak" I concluded, although how that diaper could have leaked was a big question. We try to put Anjali's diaper in all sorts of position - standing, belly down, crawling (cant get the girl to stay still for long enough to put on the diaper). So probably it was off center or something. Happens once in a while, so it was nothing to worry about.

Husband took off the sheets and put them to dry, and the mattress protector also. In the evening, the sheets were dry and put back on the bed.

Whoever said that baby pee does not smell should be fined.

a million dollars.

Sunday Night:

I was cuddling Anjali to sleep, as usual, when I noticed a strong smell around the vicinity of my nose. A bit like ammonia. Very strange. Maybe she had peed on my clothes and i had not noticed... Cant be. I usually notice something that strange. Maybe I should change my clothes. So I went and changed my clothes.

Coming back to the cuddling, the smell was still there. So it wasnt my clothes. Doesnt matter. I fresh clothes make you sleep better. Then I called husband

Me: "Something smells funny"

Husband sniffed

"Yes. her hair smells funny. When did you last wash it?"

Me: "I think my mom washed it on Friday"

husband: Maybe younshould have washed it after coming from the swimming pool

Me: It was not smelling two hours ago

Husband: Besides, she has a cap at the pool.

Two minutes later...

Husband: Maybe some food got in her hair. She was playing a lot with her food this evening. Mayonnaise, or asparagus... might smell like this.

By this time, Anjali was tossing around, whether due to the smell or due to the whispering, I was not sure.

I went back to breastfeeding her to calm her down, and whispered, in a lower voice to husband

Me: What should we do? I cant let her sleep all night smelling like this.

Husband: Maybe we should wash her hair.

Me: But she is sleeping. Its 10 at night!

two minutes later...

Me: Let's see if she goes back to sleep. If not Iwill give her hair a quick wash and put her back to bed.

You could see that none of us were inclined to introduce a late night bath.

But Anjali went to sleep. And I went outside to get a drink. Husband stayed with her. Three minutes later I came back in with my drink and husband said

I know what it is. It is not her hair, it is the sheets. She peed on them

Huh - I said stupidly. - Her hair is smelling. How does that work?

And then we remembered that the sheets were just dried, not washed after the morning's diasater.

My brain cells dont work too well at night.

"What shall we do... maybe I can put a cloth over the sheets"

Husband: Dont be daft. Pick her up ad I'll change the sheets

Me: Right

Like I said, my brain cells dont work too well after 9 or 10pm.

So I picked Anjali up, husband changed the sheets, we put her back in the bed, and all was well again.

When i finally got my drink for the night (microwave reheated), husbad said

"We are such lousy parents"

Maybe we are. maybe we are not. But we are learning.

And today's lesson was to smell the sheets before putting them on the bed.

And to smell them twice if they are put in the wrong direction

And to think twice before drawing illogical conclusions

I mean, Anjali can eat her toes, but even she cant pee on her own head.

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  1. Interesting...wait till you get puke on your bed! We had a couple of those episodes with Ananya. I think even after a couple of washes of the comforter and dousing the mattress with soap solutions, I thought I could smell it on the mattress/carpet. Until I discovered that sprinkling baking soda helps remove odour!


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