Monday, January 14, 2008

The model

When Bunica bought the yarn for me to make fancy clothes for Anjali, little did she expect the shape that the dress would take. To tell the truth, little did I expect too, what shape the dress would take. It is too scandolous (according to husband), but looks extremely sweet on the bag of tricks.
Anjali wore it for the first time and modelled it to Da family.
Bunica, if you are seeing this, please dont get scandalized, I did put pants on Anjali when we took her to the mall (avem pus pantaloni pe Anjali cand avem fost in West Mall :P)

Once we put the dress on her, she felt that this would be an extremely nice way to model it.
Of course, a full standing view is very informative and shows the patterns of the dress very nicely.
With mummy, the budding designer in babywearing
Another angle with mummy
With daddy on the road. Bunica, a fost cald pe strada :) Daddy was complaining that there were no pictures with him on the blog.
Back view. Please dont get scandalized. It is not as bad as it looks.
To placate bunica, (pentru se face faricit la bunica, cu pantaloni)

pentru se face scandal, este mancare pe jos, si eu manunc masa din jos. Noi avem avut mancare pe farfurie si Anjali pe jos. Dupa cinci minute Anjali a pus toate mancare pe jos, a stat pe farfurie si a mancat din jos. A coborat din farfurie inainte de se luam pose.

To make bunica scandalized (need to compensate for the pants, cant have bunica thinking that we have gone all conservative) we are eating food from the floor. We had food on a plate, Anjali on the floor. IN about 5 minutes, (maybe it was 30 seconds, time is a relative thing), Anjali had the food on the floor, sat on the plate and ate from the floor.

I AM NOT JOKING!! If you dont believe me, ask husband.

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