Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Making katti

For a girl who weighs less than a seventh of what I weigh, her attitude is quite big thing. Yesterday was the second time in three days that Anjali officially declared a katti (kutty are husband cutely puts it) with me.

On saturday, I was left with the responsibility of taking care of Anjali when husband was curled up in front of the computer nursing a toothache. The little girl was playing on my belly and suddenly made a dive. She had spotted a curl of my hair on the floor and wanted to yank it (see previous post on violent tendencies like hitting and yanking hair) I shifted and before I knew it, WHAM! Cheek and jaw had hit the floor from a height of three feet and we had our hands full of a screaming baby.

A screaming baby that, two minutes later went back to her jump on the bed game, acting very annoyed with me and showing her annoyance by giving surreptitious glares at me every few seconds of play.

Yesterday was more annoying (to her). to me it was plain amusing. I went back home late from work because of my classes and the little bag of tricks, who is used to seeing me at 7pm everyday, had been looking for me since evening. Every evening, when I come back home, she comes stright to me, gives me a hug, then stays on my lap for atleast ten minutes before going back to play.

But last evening, she came to me, gave me a hug a lot less warmer than her usual hug (as if she wanted to reassure herself that it was me and that all my body parts were in order),

then she turned her back firmly on me and went straight to granma!!

And started crying when i went away laughing to wash my feet.

A lot of attitude she has, my little girl!

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