Thursday, January 10, 2008

The latest

Our budding interior decorated decided yesterday that the latest in floor polish was...

peach juice.

And as processed peach juice would be too troublesome to make for the pilot test, she decided that peach pulp will be well enough.

And anyway, if there is pulp left on the floor we can always pick it up and eat it.



Mummy can pick it up and eat it.

After all, the floor is clean (kind of) and the peach is the one that granpa bought - which costs 2.5 dollars a peach.

Incidentally granpa buys fruits for Anjali that cost more than my entire grocery bill for the week. No idea what he is trying to prove by that. I suppose the fruits are organic or something like that.

Husband was delighted that Anjali was having so much fun, polishing the floor and making it slippery, that he didnt mind that the fruit was so expensive - when have you had so much fun for 2.5 dollars? - and it got him all annoyed when I suggested that her next bout of fun could be a bit cheaper, with bananas, for instance.

The worst part was that the peaches were supposed to be for Husband and me (the trick bag had already had her peach earlier in the evening). And at the end of the story, the peach was for me, just that I ate it out of the floor.

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