Thursday, January 17, 2008

Extract from a mail to Swati

Swati had sent a video with Ananya dancing to music. Here is the link
Its nice to know that all kids have the rapid fire head shaking routine.
It is even nicer to know that they dont twist their necks in the process.
I sent a reply about the bag of tricks' dancing obsession with shepura shepura. Here's the excerpt.
Anjali has this favorite song, called epurash epurash (from a selection of children's songs) everytime we play it, she starts dancing. the funny part is my mom initially didnt undertand the words, but played the cd anyway because Anjali enjoyed the song so much.

Then my mom interpreted the qord as shepura shepura (u know, the mara - rama thing) and now if you say shepura shepura to Anjali, she drops anything she is doing, stands up holding on to the nearest thing, and starts dancing.

Should get a video of that for the blog :)

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