Friday, January 25, 2008

Danger averted in the nick of time

Yesterday evening Anjali was cruising the house as usual, picking things on the house as usual, and putting them in her mouth as usual.

I was more than tired, 6 hours of long discussions (some circular) at the office and assumed that she was eating puffed rice that had been given to her in a bowl, but which, through some strange magical process had fallen to the ground, through no fault of Anjali. And the poor girl was hungry, or craved puffed rice, so go ahead and eat it off the floor.

two minutes into watching her chew, I felt something was wrong. She was chewing much too long for it to be a piece of puffed rice.

"Anjali, open your mouth", i said.

"let her" said husband. Husband has a moral policy against taking something out of Anjali's mouth. If it is not suitable for her she will spit it out.

And pigs fly upside down in boats made of amethyst and rubies

I respect husband's policy, for the most part, so didnt try to force her mouth open and fish out what Anjali was eating. After all, in all probability, it was puffed rice. but I kept a much closer watch on her, all the while mumbling to husband that something was wierd.

Then, one opportune moment, I saw the thing that she was chewing on sticking out of her mouth.

It was much too large for puffed rice.

It was much too silvery for puffed rice too.

It had a very odd shape.

I pounced and fished it out.

it was a piece of aluminium foil. As big as a pea seed.

Now I am sure husband will change his mind about fishing stuff out of Anjali's mouth, especially if you didnt see what went in go in.

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