Monday, January 7, 2008

a bit violent

I guess the phase comes. And what do you do when it does come. Anjali is, as do most kids at her age, able to do things that are kind of violent, like pulling hair, and hitting people on the face. She has figured out that they are amused by her doing it, and she keeps doing it. At this stage she does not know that it is wrong, nor should she stop. But when the time comes for her to stop, then how do we handle it?

Granpa does not want her to stop. He says, dont teach her to stop hitting. Its cute and she is too young. But we do stop her from eating wires and openng drawers. When granme got worried by Anjali's habit of blinking her eyes too hard, she is trying to get her to grow out of it.

Well, it is cute. But the hair hurts if she yanks it too hard. :P

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