Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, it might be something to do with being brought up by a spiritually inclined granma, but Anjali can say "Altar", and that is before she can say mama and dada. Well, she can say mama, dada, but she likes saying altar much more.

Husband took her walking in granma's house adn Anjali went to the prayer room.


"yes Anjali, thats an altar"

When I came home, i took her walking and husband followed. We reached the prayer room and


Hsband immediately got excited

"You know what she is saying?"

"She said ata"

"No. she is saying altar" (to Granma) ""she said altar again"

Now anjali says "altar" for everything. Well, not really everything, but we think that she says "altar" for everything that is beautiful, like light. Husband thinks that it is because there is a lamp in the altar and that is light.

Another thing that Anjali has learnt is the attributes of The Mother. Thats also attributed to granma.

Now, whe you say "Progress, receptivity, aspiration", she gets very excited, crawls to the altar and looks at the symbol of The Mother there.

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