Friday, December 28, 2007

A correspondence with Sandhya

I wrote a letter to Sandhya this morning in response to her spy report about patti planning to buy Anjali a dress (husband and I are organizing a "Dont buy Anjali any new dresses" campaign for the following reasons):

oh ooh (about patti). Tell her that Anjali has three pattu pavadais, two traditional romanian dresses (show atached photos if necessary) three princess frocks, including the one that chitthi got for her, about 10 to 15 normal frocks (that she wears when going outside), about 10 rompers (also for outside) and about 20 t shirts for home (which are bought so that they can slip on her head with minimal effort).

Tell patti also that if I try to put frocks on her, especially those with long sleeves etc, she makes a big racket. The the traditional Romanian dress that she is wearing for Christmas, by the time we got it on her, it was bedlam and everyone had to dance to stop her from wiggling.

Ordinarily before putting on a dress on Anjali you have to hold her hands very tight, because otherwise, once the dress is over her head she will take it off her head before the hands can go in.

So all in all, it is not a very good idea to buy Anjali a dress unless it is very easy to put on, has very little cloth and prefarably leaves her bottom bare to pee.

try convincing patti.

If not I will talk to her.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our first christmas

Bunica and me, all dressed up
All visitors, with me at the center of attention
Me and Granpa
See the Christmas tree...
This is me, preparing to strut!
See...we had visitors!! Patti and thattha came and there was Dhanaaunty, Ramesh uncle and Vishnu anna, and Bunica and Tata Sile, you know me, the more people there are, the happier I am!!
Well, Bunica wanted me to wear the Romanian national Costume, which I liked, its made of cotton and very comfortable.
see.. I am smiling
And all ready for mischief
Daddy wanted to begin my christmas day by trying the back carry in the rugsack. I enjoyed it

As far as videos go, here is one of me chasing mummy

And another one where I tug her skirt. I love it when mummy wears a long skirt, it gives so much pulling scope!!

And crawling with a national costume. As you see. I am unhampered by bulk!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

at lingtze, more organza, how the organza got discarded, merry go round, and riding piggy back

I know you are having fun, but it is rude to show your bottom to the audience. especially if the audience happens to have a camera :P

In organza once again, though this time we understood that organze was special and not for biting!!
Then the organza got thrown away for the usual mischief outfit

We started to turn Anjali around the food table. She enjoyed it. What was even more funny was when we took her off the roundabout thingy and she turned around and started rotating it! Interesting, how cognition works!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The December walk at our home

In a nutshell, this is what happened

Granma Curic made salad, Gran and Granpa Curic went for the walk with Granpa and husband and Anjali.

Anjali tried the fitness corner

Granma Curic developed a fondness for Myli and wished that Anjali were as big so that she could play with her.

Anjali got into her pattu pavadai and got out almost immediately for reasons best known to herself. She got frightened and upset by a lot of people and kept mostly to herself until almost everyone had gone and a very small circle formed around her, whereupon she began her tricks.

Merry Christmas

Out very own Raj Kapur and Sharmila Tagore around our Christmas tree.

Anjali, here are some Christmas stories for you. When you grow up and read this blog, you can know these stories, even if mummy, for some reason didnt tell them to you.
Ponder the Poinsettia
The poinsettia is synonymous with the spirit of Christmas, not only because it blooms in wintertime, but because of the legend that associates it with the Christ child.

This story tells that the poinsettia was once a nondescript roadside weed. Desperate for a gift to offer the baby Jesus, an impoverished little Mexican girl presented the Messiah with an armload of poinsettia branches she had picked and tied together with hand-woven twine. Once in His holy presence, the uppermost leaves on the branches spontaneously turned a vivid red.

A Christmas Without Music
One of the most beloved Christmas carols of all time, Silent Night, was written in 1818 by an Austrian priest, Joseph Mohr, and set to music by composer Franz Gruber. It is said that Joseph was told a few days before Christmas that the church organ in the parish of Oberndorf was broken and could not be repaired in time for Christmas Eve services. He was saddened by this and could not bear to think of Christmas without music.

On Christmas Eve, he sat down and wrote three stanzas, then gave the poem to Franz Gruber. He requested that it be set to music for soloists, chorus and guitar. That same evening, Franz brought the simple composition to Joseph and still later that night, the people in the little Austrian church sang Stille Nacht (Silent Night) for the first time.

Silent Night, more than any other Christmas song, can evoke such emotion in me that when I hear it, I instantly begin to tear up. The power of this simple song was never more evident than on the battlefields of Flanders in World War I in what has come to be known as "the Christmas truce of 1914."

The "great war" had been raging for nearly five months when Christmas arrived in 1914. The Germans were in a fierce battle with the British and French. Both sides were dug into miles of muddy, man-made trenches six to eight feet deep. On Christmas Eve, the soldiers' thoughts turned to their homes and families as they settled down in their bunkers with letters and pictures from their loved ones. While the bitter cold air blew in around them, they turned their faces into their coats and tried to sleep.

In the early morning hours of December 25th, the allies heard the distant sounds of Silent Night being sung from the German trenches across the "no man's land" between them. As they raised their heads to peek across, the startled allies were amazed to discover that the Germans had erected dozens of small Christmas trees lit with candles outside their trenches. Many of the Germans, who had worked in England before the war, were able to speak good enough English to call out a Christmas truce to the allies.

The British and French troops accepted, and all along the miles of trenches, a spontaneous truce resulted. Soldiers left their bunkers, meeting in the middle to shake hands, exchange gifts, share photos and forget the horrors of war for at least one day. When the dreaded moment finally came for each side to return to their trenches, the soldiers said goodbye to their new friends and sank down into their muddy holes. With heavy hearts, they once again began fighting a war that continued for four more years.

Anjali and Granpa Curic

Granpa Curic and Anjali have become quite good friends over the past couple of months. From being scared to hold Anjali for longer than 15 seconds, Granpa Curic now holds Anjali for a fairly long time. And Granpa Curic's primary job these days is to entertain Anjali while she eats. When Anjali stops eating, Granpa Curic assumes a face and says "Anjali!" and the bag of tricks opens her mouth pronto.

Anjali too has evolved. From crying whenever Granpa Curic picked her up, she has now begun to stay quietly with him while he entertains her with the most ridiculous stories - like how the kitchen is a nice place to be in because a lot of mistakes happen there, like food getting burnt etc. We have even gone so far where Anjali is going these days all around the house and looking for granpa Curic and assuming a sad face when she discovers that he has gone to the market. Even better, Anjali smiles happily when he comes back.

Granpa Curic's second primary job is to take pictures of Anjali and her antics.

After such a long time.... we go into Granpa Curic's arms quietly

Aha!! It was a bribe, designed to pull me across.

This is nice, but I also want to go out.

Hey!! Granpa Curic has a lot of bribery tactics. First it was wood, now it is fish!!

let me see if I can make the same face as Granpa Curic.

See how cute I am?

Bathtimme gymnastics!!

I eat apple, just like Daddy And stand up, holding on to the edge of my cot
Dont try to feed me when I do this. I close my mouth, and you cant get food in!! na na ne boo boo!!! Now I have added a shake head routine to it also.
And then there was this kid at the temple with a shaved head. mummy and daddy want to do this to me. You think I will let them?? Well, think on!!

I climbed a staircase!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good work

Mummy: Anjali, Bunica yenge?

Anjali turns to look at Bunica
Bunica hiding behind door
Mummy: Anjali, Bunica Yenga?
Bunica, from behind door: Puyutu!!
Anjali crawls straight through the door to Bunica, squealing all the way!!

training in the potty


We got a potty for Anjali two weeks ago. Husband was very apprehensive that we would end up putting Anjali in the potty all the tiem and get her scared of it. Well, it hardly took any time, but Anjali has already developed an instinct for doing this properly. Unless we are not quick enough in taking off her pampers, in which case we all end up with wet pants!

But she is doing this well. Congratulations Tutu.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A squealing piglet

When Anjali is happy about something, or excited, she squeals. The squeals get louder and louder as the days go by.

an old video

This video was taken on 23rd June, befor Anjali was 3 months old. Her head was not standing yet. Ofcourse, it was not meant to be a video of Anjali, it was meant to be a video of Granma getting surprised for her surprise birthday party, but ShreeValli aunty, who was taking the video kept focuing back on Anjali, and who can blame her?

So here we are.. it is hard to believe that the this is the girl who gets up to such tricks, but you can see the tricks in her eyes, even at this age.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The last bottom shuffling video

I took this when Anjali was less than seven months old. Seeing it makes me sad. It is like seeing a very small girl growing up into a toddler. My daughter is not an infant any longer :( She doesnt bottom jump!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The museum phenomenon

Anjali exhibits what husband and i call the museum phenomenon.

We first noticed it when we took Anjali to visit the new Buddha temple museum in Singapore. The whole duration of our visit, she was blabbing very excitedly. At first, we thought it was a single event.

But a few weeks later, we took her to the art museum. Again, upon entering the gallery, she started blabbing very excitedly.

Last weekend, we took her to the Islamic arts museum in Kualalumpur. The same phenomenon was observed. Not just blabbing and joyous excitement, but Anjali actually did something very wonderful.

We observed a carving on the ceiling of the museum (see below). All of us jsut remarked that it looked nice and went on. Anjali, on the other hand, from her father's arms, stared very fixatedly at the dome.

It was not just the museums. She was very excited by the birds in Bali, the woodcarver's gallery, the souvenir shop with Indian handicrafts at the base of Batu caves. etc.

Lets climb some stairs

Big video: will take long to load

We have teeth

First tooth spotted on 10th December 2007, in the afternoon. Tooth on the lower jaw, only about half a millimeter of crown visible.

She is breaking my heart

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready for work, and making Anjali breakfast when the bag of tricks suddenly sounded. She was up!

Husband went to her, and in five point two milliseconds came back.

"Come and see... before she breaks my heart!"

Anjali was sleeping, cuddled up to her pillow, and making suckling noises to the pillow.

She opened her eyes, saw me and husband sitting around her, smiled to show her tooth, said dada mama a couple of times and then turned towards husband, closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Two weeks ago, I came back from work and was changing my clothes. Husband was with Anjali, who was hungry and annoyed that mummywould not feed her.

By the time I changed and came on the bed, Anjali was quite annoyed and crying, and immediately upon seeing the breast she stopped crying and began to feed.

Whereupon husband burst out laughing and started to tease Anjali. Anjali let go of the breast, looked at husband, extremeley annoyed and said


Whereupon, I burst out laughing, and she looked at me, put on the same annoyed expression and said


And went back to her milk.

Husband was still laughing, so after 30 seconds, she looked at him again and started bawling.

At which point, I told him to keep quiet so that she could finish her milk.

Bed time!

Mummy: Anjali, its bed time, lets wash up

(Anjali is busy playing on Granma Curic's bed): Mama dada, thrrrrr.....

Mummy (entering Granma Curic's room): Come Tutu, lets go to sleep, its nine

(Anjali sees mummy and immediately jumps into mummy's arms. Mummy and Anjali go to the bedroom)

Mummy (TO husband, who is on the computer): Adi, we are going to sleep. Its story time.

Daddy: Coming...

(Mummy and Anjali settle themselves at the foot of the mattress, which is on the floor. Anjali is put on the potty, into which she promptly pees, washed with a warm towel, her teeth (gums) brushed, rubbed with lotion and a new blouse is put on. Mummy now tries to put a diaper on Anjali).

(At this point, Anjali catches sight of the bedsheet, promptly turns around and tries to stand up holding on to the mattress. Mummy tries hard to put diaper on Anjali while she is standing, but the manuver is tricky at best, and with Anjali jumping up and down it is very nearly impossible. So mummy picks Anjali up and puts her on the bed on her back. For the record, there is no sight of daddy yet)

Mummy: Anjali, stay put so that mummy can put a diaper on you.

(But no. Anjali has caught sight of the red pillow cover that she likes at the head of the bed and has made a beeline crawl for it. She buries her head in the pillow, turns over, does a couple of gymnastics and in a nutshell shows no sigh of wanting diapers. Mummy is, in all very pleased with the gymnastics and rushes to the living room for a camera.)

Mummy (to Daddy): Watch Anjali I need camera.

Daddy (still on the computer): what! where! when! (runs to the bedroom, in time to see that Anjali has left her red pillow and is now crawling towards the other egds of the bed)

Mummy: Where is the camera?

Daddy: Keep an eye on her, I will find it.

(Mummy comes back to stay with Anjali and daddy returns with the camera. mummy takes a couple of pictures and tries again the diaper war. But Anjali promptly flips over. So, in an act of desperation, mummy turns Anjali on her back and gives her the camera, which Anjali promptly puts in her mouth. The time has come for fast action. On goes the diaper and off comes the camera. Anjali puts up a whine, but daddy makes an appearance, bringing with him Anjali's two bedtime books).

Daddy: Anjali, daddy is going to read you two stories. How about going to sleep?

(Anjali, having now caught sight of the books on her bed, makes a beeline for them, first looking at one, then the other, then batting one, then the other, then opening one, then the other, then looking at one then the other.)

Daddy: ok. when you are ready to drink milk i will read to you.

(Anjali, has by now figured out how to get down from the mattress feet first gets down and plops on the floor. Then she crawls to the mattress, hold it and kneels down. Now she pulls herself to stand, and then wants to climb up the mattress. She sidesteps and puts one leg on the mattress and pulls herself on the mattress using the first leg)

(Then she plops back down and does it all over again. )

By now, daddy and Mummy are tryijng tactics. Off goes the tube light and on comes the small light. anjali is on the bed and on the breast. Daddy is reading to her the story of the happy prince.

She listens until the end of the first story and then turns around to face daddy for the second story, which turns out to be a nursery rhyme. After the rhyme, does she do back to sleep?

No. She gets back to being a bag of tricks. She stands up using daddy's knees for support, plops back on bed, tries to climb on mummy and to drink milk on her belly. But mummy has had enough and plops her on mummy's tummy

Dada dada mamamamama rrrrr

Now Anjali bends forward and drinks milk from mummy while sitting on her belly. This goes on for a while, while daddy is trying hard to keep his laughter under control.

By then, Anjali is already going on the other side of the bed and plonks down on the floor, and tries to drink milk while sitting down.


it obviously didnt work as well as the other positions because she now tried to drink from the breast standing up, at which point both mummy and daddy cracked up.

Whereupon, Anjali puts a very puzzled expression on her face and looks enquiringly at both of us as to why we are laughing at her doing something so serious.

Moments of quietness at home

As you can see by the number of pictures, these moments are rare :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Climbing on mummy's lap (video)

Last Day in Bali

My last day in Bali started out relaxing but finished up tiring.

I didnt know there was a late night flight see, if I had known, I would have slept more in the morning. As it was I woke up early, played, let granma feed me with eggs. I tried to crawl down the balcony of the villa to the cliff, but mummy wouldnt let me.
She wouldnt let me pull all the leaves and chase the ants either.

So I watched daddy, granpa, and granpa Curic talking at the eating place,

Then we drove to this place in the middle of the sea. There was this temple see, called Tanah lot, that was at the middle of the sea. We couldnt go to the temple, cos it was high tide and none of the adults fancied a swim. I did, but they wont let me go alone. But we took a lot of pictures at the edge of the sea.
Then we went to a market. Mummy wanted to buy clothes for me, but I was tired and sleepy, so after spending an hour bargaining at a shop and buying nothing, mummy sat at the front of another nicer small shop to feed me. There was a very professional lady there, and granma found the same kind of clothes that we found at the other shop. So, while I was feeding and sleeping, granma and mummy bargained with the lady three frocks for me. Here is a picture of me, later at the airport, wearing one of the frocks that mummy bought, along with the sweater that granma curic knitted for me.

Then we went to the beach. the beach was very beautiful. Clean and relaxing. I especially liked the part where daddy took me into the sea water to make me swim.

Not so nice were the beach vendors, who kept trying to sell us all sort of stuff, statues, motorbikes, arrows (from the Ramayana, they said), massage and everything. Granpa Curic had a very interesting adventure with one of the vendors.

As for me, I was so tired after all of this that I went to sleep. And slept for almost three hours. From the beach, to the shop where daddy bought vcds, to the airport, I slept, first in mummy's arms, then in granma's then back in mummy's.

I got up and it was time to check in. That ws fun. I played with everyone and laughed at the jokes they told us,

Until we went into the flight.

Come on. The lights were so bright and it was 10.30 at night. Dont people want to sleep? I got annoyed and started crying. And continued to cry, so much. Mummy tried a lot of stuff to make me stop, and gave me to daddy, who thought my diaper was annoying me and took it off.

Then granpa said that it might be something with the new frock (that was so pretty), and asked mummy to take it off also.

Then granma carried me for me to calm down and after a lot of time, I fell asleep on mummy's lap. Nobody dared to put a diaper and clothes on me, so thus I slept, without any clothes, in the middle of the pacific ocean on a plane.

I slept, but not fully. See, there was this older baby across the aisle, and he kept crying and waking me up. and it was past my bed time, and I didnt like being woken up, so I woke up and cried, and by the time I had finished crying he had woken up and started crying. We did like this for a very long time, almost until we landed.

And we got through the Singapore customs, me still wearing no clothes, and on the taxi, where I slept (since there was no other crying baby). Finally back home, I went on bed, got on my diapers and went straight to sleep.

And that is the end of my Bali adventure.