Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our first christmas

Bunica and me, all dressed up
All visitors, with me at the center of attention
Me and Granpa
See the Christmas tree...
This is me, preparing to strut!
See...we had visitors!! Patti and thattha came and there was Dhanaaunty, Ramesh uncle and Vishnu anna, and Bunica and Tata Sile, you know me, the more people there are, the happier I am!!
Well, Bunica wanted me to wear the Romanian national Costume, which I liked, its made of cotton and very comfortable.
see.. I am smiling
And all ready for mischief
Daddy wanted to begin my christmas day by trying the back carry in the rugsack. I enjoyed it

As far as videos go, here is one of me chasing mummy

And another one where I tug her skirt. I love it when mummy wears a long skirt, it gives so much pulling scope!!

And crawling with a national costume. As you see. I am unhampered by bulk!!

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