Monday, December 3, 2007

The (not so anymore) hesitant crawler

I have misplaced my camera over the past weekend and was not able to take a proper video of the crawler. Now she has grown out of slithering on her stomach. But just three days ago, she was crawling a few steps and then slithering if she wanted to get somewhere.

Now she crawls everywhere.

The video of the crawling will be up soon (once I find my camera)

The bundle of tricks is growing out of some of her old tricks. (She finds new ones to replace them, but nonetheless)

Here are some tricks she has grown out of

1. Bottom jumping (unless we are trying to put a diaper on her)

2. Slithering on the stomach

3. Toe eating (I hope she gets back to it, since she looks so cute)

Here are some new tricks she has developed (videos coming soon)

1. Crawling on fours

2. Sitting up by herself

3. Standing up by herself while holding on to a low table/ mattress

4. Walking along the side of the mattress while holding on to it

5. Blackmailing mummy and daddy (trying very hard to) to not leave for work in the morning

6. Shedding crocodile tears to acheive the above

7. Identifying Saturday by wanting to be taken out to the swimming pool

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