Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Day in Bali

My last day in Bali started out relaxing but finished up tiring.

I didnt know there was a late night flight see, if I had known, I would have slept more in the morning. As it was I woke up early, played, let granma feed me with eggs. I tried to crawl down the balcony of the villa to the cliff, but mummy wouldnt let me.
She wouldnt let me pull all the leaves and chase the ants either.

So I watched daddy, granpa, and granpa Curic talking at the eating place,

Then we drove to this place in the middle of the sea. There was this temple see, called Tanah lot, that was at the middle of the sea. We couldnt go to the temple, cos it was high tide and none of the adults fancied a swim. I did, but they wont let me go alone. But we took a lot of pictures at the edge of the sea.
Then we went to a market. Mummy wanted to buy clothes for me, but I was tired and sleepy, so after spending an hour bargaining at a shop and buying nothing, mummy sat at the front of another nicer small shop to feed me. There was a very professional lady there, and granma found the same kind of clothes that we found at the other shop. So, while I was feeding and sleeping, granma and mummy bargained with the lady three frocks for me. Here is a picture of me, later at the airport, wearing one of the frocks that mummy bought, along with the sweater that granma curic knitted for me.

Then we went to the beach. the beach was very beautiful. Clean and relaxing. I especially liked the part where daddy took me into the sea water to make me swim.

Not so nice were the beach vendors, who kept trying to sell us all sort of stuff, statues, motorbikes, arrows (from the Ramayana, they said), massage and everything. Granpa Curic had a very interesting adventure with one of the vendors.

As for me, I was so tired after all of this that I went to sleep. And slept for almost three hours. From the beach, to the shop where daddy bought vcds, to the airport, I slept, first in mummy's arms, then in granma's then back in mummy's.

I got up and it was time to check in. That ws fun. I played with everyone and laughed at the jokes they told us,

Until we went into the flight.

Come on. The lights were so bright and it was 10.30 at night. Dont people want to sleep? I got annoyed and started crying. And continued to cry, so much. Mummy tried a lot of stuff to make me stop, and gave me to daddy, who thought my diaper was annoying me and took it off.

Then granpa said that it might be something with the new frock (that was so pretty), and asked mummy to take it off also.

Then granma carried me for me to calm down and after a lot of time, I fell asleep on mummy's lap. Nobody dared to put a diaper and clothes on me, so thus I slept, without any clothes, in the middle of the pacific ocean on a plane.

I slept, but not fully. See, there was this older baby across the aisle, and he kept crying and waking me up. and it was past my bed time, and I didnt like being woken up, so I woke up and cried, and by the time I had finished crying he had woken up and started crying. We did like this for a very long time, almost until we landed.

And we got through the Singapore customs, me still wearing no clothes, and on the taxi, where I slept (since there was no other crying baby). Finally back home, I went on bed, got on my diapers and went straight to sleep.

And that is the end of my Bali adventure.

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