Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Two weeks ago, I came back from work and was changing my clothes. Husband was with Anjali, who was hungry and annoyed that mummywould not feed her.

By the time I changed and came on the bed, Anjali was quite annoyed and crying, and immediately upon seeing the breast she stopped crying and began to feed.

Whereupon husband burst out laughing and started to tease Anjali. Anjali let go of the breast, looked at husband, extremeley annoyed and said


Whereupon, I burst out laughing, and she looked at me, put on the same annoyed expression and said


And went back to her milk.

Husband was still laughing, so after 30 seconds, she looked at him again and started bawling.

At which point, I told him to keep quiet so that she could finish her milk.

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