Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bed time!

Mummy: Anjali, its bed time, lets wash up

(Anjali is busy playing on Granma Curic's bed): Mama dada, thrrrrr.....

Mummy (entering Granma Curic's room): Come Tutu, lets go to sleep, its nine

(Anjali sees mummy and immediately jumps into mummy's arms. Mummy and Anjali go to the bedroom)

Mummy (TO husband, who is on the computer): Adi, we are going to sleep. Its story time.

Daddy: Coming...

(Mummy and Anjali settle themselves at the foot of the mattress, which is on the floor. Anjali is put on the potty, into which she promptly pees, washed with a warm towel, her teeth (gums) brushed, rubbed with lotion and a new blouse is put on. Mummy now tries to put a diaper on Anjali).

(At this point, Anjali catches sight of the bedsheet, promptly turns around and tries to stand up holding on to the mattress. Mummy tries hard to put diaper on Anjali while she is standing, but the manuver is tricky at best, and with Anjali jumping up and down it is very nearly impossible. So mummy picks Anjali up and puts her on the bed on her back. For the record, there is no sight of daddy yet)

Mummy: Anjali, stay put so that mummy can put a diaper on you.

(But no. Anjali has caught sight of the red pillow cover that she likes at the head of the bed and has made a beeline crawl for it. She buries her head in the pillow, turns over, does a couple of gymnastics and in a nutshell shows no sigh of wanting diapers. Mummy is, in all very pleased with the gymnastics and rushes to the living room for a camera.)

Mummy (to Daddy): Watch Anjali I need camera.

Daddy (still on the computer): what! where! when! (runs to the bedroom, in time to see that Anjali has left her red pillow and is now crawling towards the other egds of the bed)

Mummy: Where is the camera?

Daddy: Keep an eye on her, I will find it.

(Mummy comes back to stay with Anjali and daddy returns with the camera. mummy takes a couple of pictures and tries again the diaper war. But Anjali promptly flips over. So, in an act of desperation, mummy turns Anjali on her back and gives her the camera, which Anjali promptly puts in her mouth. The time has come for fast action. On goes the diaper and off comes the camera. Anjali puts up a whine, but daddy makes an appearance, bringing with him Anjali's two bedtime books).

Daddy: Anjali, daddy is going to read you two stories. How about going to sleep?

(Anjali, having now caught sight of the books on her bed, makes a beeline for them, first looking at one, then the other, then batting one, then the other, then opening one, then the other, then looking at one then the other.)

Daddy: ok. when you are ready to drink milk i will read to you.

(Anjali, has by now figured out how to get down from the mattress feet first gets down and plops on the floor. Then she crawls to the mattress, hold it and kneels down. Now she pulls herself to stand, and then wants to climb up the mattress. She sidesteps and puts one leg on the mattress and pulls herself on the mattress using the first leg)

(Then she plops back down and does it all over again. )

By now, daddy and Mummy are tryijng tactics. Off goes the tube light and on comes the small light. anjali is on the bed and on the breast. Daddy is reading to her the story of the happy prince.

She listens until the end of the first story and then turns around to face daddy for the second story, which turns out to be a nursery rhyme. After the rhyme, does she do back to sleep?

No. She gets back to being a bag of tricks. She stands up using daddy's knees for support, plops back on bed, tries to climb on mummy and to drink milk on her belly. But mummy has had enough and plops her on mummy's tummy

Dada dada mamamamama rrrrr

Now Anjali bends forward and drinks milk from mummy while sitting on her belly. This goes on for a while, while daddy is trying hard to keep his laughter under control.

By then, Anjali is already going on the other side of the bed and plonks down on the floor, and tries to drink milk while sitting down.


it obviously didnt work as well as the other positions because she now tried to drink from the breast standing up, at which point both mummy and daddy cracked up.

Whereupon, Anjali puts a very puzzled expression on her face and looks enquiringly at both of us as to why we are laughing at her doing something so serious.

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