Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Anjali and Granpa Curic

Granpa Curic and Anjali have become quite good friends over the past couple of months. From being scared to hold Anjali for longer than 15 seconds, Granpa Curic now holds Anjali for a fairly long time. And Granpa Curic's primary job these days is to entertain Anjali while she eats. When Anjali stops eating, Granpa Curic assumes a face and says "Anjali!" and the bag of tricks opens her mouth pronto.

Anjali too has evolved. From crying whenever Granpa Curic picked her up, she has now begun to stay quietly with him while he entertains her with the most ridiculous stories - like how the kitchen is a nice place to be in because a lot of mistakes happen there, like food getting burnt etc. We have even gone so far where Anjali is going these days all around the house and looking for granpa Curic and assuming a sad face when she discovers that he has gone to the market. Even better, Anjali smiles happily when he comes back.

Granpa Curic's second primary job is to take pictures of Anjali and her antics.

After such a long time.... we go into Granpa Curic's arms quietly

Aha!! It was a bribe, designed to pull me across.

This is nice, but I also want to go out.

Hey!! Granpa Curic has a lot of bribery tactics. First it was wood, now it is fish!!

let me see if I can make the same face as Granpa Curic.

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