Friday, November 30, 2007

Sylvester, friend? and companion

Yesterday Granma was talking as usual to Anjali, while Anjali was playing. Sylvester, the benign presence in Anjali's life since she was two months old, was as usual, staying around.

Granma said "Sylvester Yenga?" (Where is Sylvester?)

And the bag of tricks actually looked at Granma, and then turned to look at Sylvester. Granma got extremely excited and called Granma Curic, who also got extremely excited and started asking Anjali where is Sylvester every few minutes.

The thing is that Anjali actually searches for Sylvester in the crowd. If I ask Anjali once, where is Sylvester, she looks around, finds Sylvester and stares at him, before going back to play. Then I put Sylvester somewhere else, and Anjali, the next time, searches around her, her eyes again stopping at Sylvester.

She's growing smart, my girl. And Granma Curic wants to give her fish. Now I have to learn how to buy and cook fish! Because according to Granma Curic, Anjali is soooo intelligent, and fish is good for brain development. If this girl's brain develops any faster, I will need a concorde to catch up with her.

I love you tutu.

Of course, when she is bored, or occupied with something interesting, she doesnt look twice at you when you try to catch her attention.

Husband says she is very serious, laughs just a little (mostly with granma), looks a lot.

I equate her with a sponge. Maximum absorption power. The day will come, when she will start outputting everything she absorbs, and then we will have a lot of fun!

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