Friday, November 30, 2007

The sad Idli (lets wake up a sleeping dog)

Well, its always advisable to let sleeping dogs sleep, but recently, I managed to wrangle out of Granpa curic some photos from his mobile phone. And what should I find there, but photos of Anjali (surprise surprise!!). But what was actually surprising was that the photos featured those long forgotten days when Anjali was not friends with Granma and Granpa Curic

Here are some pictures of Granma Curic trying hard to amuse Anjali. See how the bag of tricks is at the piano, one of her favorite things to do, and still refusing to smile.

And the cute part was that reports that later reached my ears said that she actually kept looking at our bedroom (which she obviously associates with happy memories with daddy and mummy) and crying.
Finally, Granma Curic decided the best thing to do was to rock her to sleep. And even then the bag of tricks refused to sleep per normal. Granma Curic tricked her by saying that they were going to the swimming pool (by actually giving Anjali her arm bands) and then rocked the stroller until Anjali went to sleep.

And stayed with her to make sure that she didnt fall off the stroller (Granma Curic didnt want to put on the buckle to make sure the bag of tricks sleeps more freely)

Poor Granma!!

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