Monday, November 26, 2007

Progress with Granma and Granpa Curic

Anjali's separation anxiety when left with Granma and Granpa Curic is getting better these days. the bag of tricks still knows exactly when we are leaving for work, and she puts up the most piteous cry when she wakes up to see Husband and me dressed for work.

She now plays with Granma and Granpa Curic, and laughs with them.
But there is a catch. Either husband or I, or Granma have to
1. Be in the same room
2. Preferably be within 1.5 metres from the bag of tricks
3. Even more preferably be carrying her in our arms
Anjali's joy and degree to which she plays with Granma and Granpa Curic increases as the number above increases.
The latest newsflash froom husband is that Anjali actually stayed in granpa Curic's arms without crying at the pool last Sunday . This definitely shows improvement. And she doesnt look at the bedroom and cry anymore when left alone with Granma and Granpa Curic.
(I still dont have a photo of Anjali in the arms of Granpa Curic, something to note. The first time Granpa Curic picked her up, he thought she was a time bomb and dropped her in my arms the minute she began to cry. I shouldnt be biased, I remember the first time my dad picked her up and rushed her to the kitchen when she began to cry, husband and I were downstairs and granma was cooking behind a closed door.)
But Granma Curic is still afraid of giving the jumparoo a bath and Tutu generally (although circumstances hint pure stubbornness and nothing more serious) makes a fuss about taking a bottle of milk from Granma Curic, though she eats her solids well enough.
Granma goes over most days to play with Tutu, and to generally make sure all is well, though we are slowly starting to reduce the amount of time granma goes over. Afterall, Granma and Granpa Curic have come to spend time and get to know their granddaughter and they only have a bit over a month of their visit left.
I am now thinking of suggesting to husband to see if Granma and Granpa Curic can come over for the winter every year, or atleast every couple of years. Husband's new job means that we can go to Romania every year, but with both of us working, we cant take more than a couple of weeks off, and a couple of weeks a year is hardly enough for a baby to know her grandparents. Perhaps some kind of a regular arrangement can be worked out.

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