Friday, November 30, 2007


(When Granma Curic first came to Singapore)
Granma: Mottu Kanume, Mottu yenga, blah blah blah (in Tamil)
Granma Curic: Anjali, Tu Intelegi? (To me, aside) Pentru mine, este foarte griu de se invat limba indien (Anjali, do you understand?, for me it is very difficult to learn an Indian language)

(After less than a month with the bag of tricks)
Granma Curic: Mottu, Mottu, Mottulika
(A day or so later)
Granma Curic (In the morning): Mottu kanume, Mottu yenga?

(Conversation between mummy, Daddy and Granma Curic in the evening, translated in English, for readers and because mummy's Romanian spelling is eprouvantable)
Daddy: You should learn english
Granma Curic: I think i will learn Tamil faster
Mummy: Its easier to learn Tamil from Romanian, lots of words are close
Granma Curic: For Anjali I can learn Tamil. For Anjali i can even learn Russian.

So, this girl is hardly eight months old and is already proving to be the princess of the world!

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