Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anjali's Bali adventure day 4

My forth day began with a hike to the river. Mummy didnt bring her camera, but Granpa Curic took some pictures. Me, Mummy and daddy were all for swimming in the river, but the current was too strong, so we dropped the idea.

Actually, the story of the river trip is very interesting. Daddy woke mummy at 6am telling her to get her back off the bed to go to the river. Mummy refused to wake up before 6.30. They then tried to convince granma to take care of me while they went off on adventure. But granma was not very enthusiastic about being gotten out of bed at 6.30, and daddy had woken me up in the meantime, so they decided to take me.

They followed the stairs (about a humdred steep ones, with me in mummy's arms in the carrier, when they realized that the path gave out and they had to trundle through a lot of forest. Mummy was all for going back and leaving me with granma and then coming back to try the path again, but daddy decided to purge on. He did some scouting and found a nice path (wild but treadable) for us. We followed it, mummy getting increasing misgivings about bringing me along, but going on nonetheless.

After about fifteen minutes of trudging through undergrowth, we reached the river at last. Daddy had planned for a skinny dip, and brought along towels, but the river, while very beautiful, was flowing very fast, and reckless though mummy and daddy were, they decided not to take the risk.

And we decided to climb back up, but half way (or rather, five minutes into the trek back), who should we see but Granma and Granpa, and Granma and Granpa Curic, who had organized a rescue party. They had brought along Chandra from the villa (I liked Chandra, he played the gamelan and kept me entertained last night when everyone else were having dinner).

Later, it transpired that it was not actually a rescue party, Granpa had gotten up early in the morning to go walking, only to be chased by dogs, which barked when he stood and chased when he ran. Granma and Granpa Curic had also gone walking, to meet the same fate. So they had gotten back to the villa. Granma had then told them that we (mummy, daddy and I) had gone for a walk, without knowing where we were. Granma had also told them that there was a path that led down to the river.

So they had decided to follow the path and had landed up at the same spot where mummy had thought to going back because the stairs gave way to jungle. However, not having the brave and reckless daddy in tow, the granparents decided to go back to the villa for a guide and thus brought back Chandra. It was all very funny, but back we went to the river where Granpa Curic took photos.

However, it got quite late by then and I was tired. Everyone else was walking in the water, but I wanted milk and sleep, so mummy sat down on the foot of some stairs and nursed me while the rest of them walked around the plantations of banana near the river. Finally we were ready to go back to the villa, and good thing that Chandra was there, because he got us back in a route through some nice farms and houses such that we actually climbed much less stairs than we would normally have done.

As we couldnt jump in the river and skinny dip (and daddy was soooo dissappointed) we ended up dumping ourselves, mummy, daddy and I, in the swimming pool and taking a dip there.

A shower and a sleep later, we were refreshed to tackle Ubud.

This is me and mummy sleeping in the sitting area at the villa (I look soooo cute in pampers!!!). Granpa Curic walked over to look at us, exclaimed that we have such a fun way of spending our holiday, snapped a picture and went off to do better things.

Here is a picture of me and mummy at the lotus cafe. See I am looking very mischeviously at the camera. i think I was trying to figure out whether to jump out of the carrier or something equally mischevious.

We went after that to the Ubud market, but I didnt like that. There were too many motor cycles and the place smelt of gasoline. It was a great place for souvenirs though. Daddy and mummy had a quarrel because daddy wanted to buy a Buddha statue which he had bargained down from 75 dollars to 25 dollars. And mummy said that he was cluttering the house. Daddy got his way in the end, and the statue is very pretty, so mummy doesnt complain, but lights a candle in front of the statue every morning and during festivals. The Buddha statue at home.

We were all tired, so we went to a nice restaurant, with views of rice fields and everything, where I got to sit on an adult chair

And ordered a lot of balinese, Indian and European food. They gave me rice and fruit puree :(

But it was nice and I fell asleep in the hotel after a while as I was really tired after the river adventure and the market adventure.

And guess what mummy and daddy did? They left me to play with granma and granpa and to go back to the villa while both of them took granma and granma Curic to a Balinese dance. I wanted to see the dance. But they said it was late and past my bed time and everything. I mean... how many times do you get to go to Bali and see a balinese dance? To comfort me, they took photos and videos of the dance.

When I grow older, i am going to go again with mummy and daddy to Bali and there I will go for the Balinese dance.

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